Technology is Humanizing Finance

David Klein discusses how technology is causing finance to take a more human approach. Read more below:

“A recent article from TechCrunch’s David Klein focused in on how technology is forcing finance to humanize its approach. This may not be a sector-wide conclusion, but Klein makes some intriguing points. The finance sector faces difficult decisions to keep pace with the evolving landscape where technology, competition and a new generation of potential business all can break or build many financial institutions. As Klein opens with a quote from Bill Gates, ‘Banking is necessary – banks are not,’ he notes that this is now viewed by many as the unofficial beginning to the shift in financial technology. Just over 20 years from his proclamation in 1994 and Gates’ words are finally showing its validity. Since fintech began gaining mass exposure in the market a few years, the shift in finance has come in several key facets: regulation, technology and consumers…”

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